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Who the hell are Hoodoo Zephyr?

Hoodoo Zephyr are an Aberdeen-based four-piece band who have been variously described as 'Cosmic Rock', 'Eco Rock', 'Polk Rock' (we think that's a Punk/Folk mixture, but who knows, really...) 'Hardcore Country and North-Eastern', and 'that bloody noise' (Mrs. Gladys E. Thribb).
An unlikely blend of dysfunctional personality types, demented obsessives and twisted musical ideologies, the music they create reflects the personalities of the players. It is a strange brew of bowel crushing rock, textured folky stuff and off-the-wall political satire. Back in the day, 'when all this were fields', they were one of Aberdeen's best loved unsigned bands, and now they're back.
This is not a love song.