Who Are Hoodoo Zephyr?

From    :  Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Genre  :  Alternative Rock, Punk, Folk (Polk?) 

Set up  :  4 piece.  

Gigs     :  Fully equipped for stage show and smaller, more intimate ‘pub nights’. Electric or acoustic set. 45 mins to 3x45 minute sets available. Available to play across Scotland and beyond.  

Songs   :  Acoustic, electric, folk, rock, blues, ballads, Sets are mostly original songs with a light  sprinkling of covers.

About The Band:

Hoodoo Zephyr play what can best be described as Twisted Folk with a hint of Punk.  We call it Polk Music, but others have called it ‘Rootsy’, ‘Spacey Punk Folk’, ‘Beefhearty’ and ‘a bit like Green Day…only better’. (If anyone can tell us what genre we are, there may be a small reward.) We consider no musical genre sacred and greedily plunder the  possibilities of reggae, punk, folk, olde-worlde ballads, rock… and anything else that takes our fancy.

Hoodoo Zephyr have been around for a few years now, having reformed with a new bass player in 2010 after a 10 year sabbatical; whilst Freak was off being windswept and musical in Paris, Holland and other, equally cosmopolitan, settings. The reformed band are back on the music scene, gigging up and down the country now.    

Having previously recorded the CD ‘Egg’, the band are proud to offer up the brand new album - Breaking Point - ten tracks that sound bang up to date while still being rooted in Scottish folk and tradition.

Freak –  

Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, dirty-sweet moothie, song-writing and, if you are lucky, some Mongolian throat singing. Freak has a long and colourful musical career, having played in bands all over Europe and previously supprted Alabama3. He is probably the best moothie player you’ve never heard of; seriously...check the solo in cowboy song. (He’s from Fife.)

Geoff –  

Lead guitar, second vocals and stylish hat wearing. Geoff was born to play all things stringed, and has an annoying habit of playing other people's guitars better than they do. 

Geoff has musical attention deficit disorder and when he is not playing awesome lead guitar for Hoodoo, he can be found recording and producing his second CD, having launched CD no1, ‘ No Regrets ’ in 2011. (Has visited Fife.) 

Ken –  

Drums, electrical gadgetry, general wisdom and the ability to make any hat look stylish. Ken has an unconditional love of all things musical, percussive and electronic… ideally all three… and is never happier than when he is playing ‘twisted reggae’. He has played drums in several bands and has been a force for musical development in Aberdeenshire for years.  Every band should have a Ken. (Has probably played drums in Fife.)

Stuart –  

Bass guitar, (ie: 2 strings short of an ego problem), occasional backing vocals, phone calls, ministering to the significant psychological needs of the rest of the band and engaging in a quest to find a hat that doesn’t make him look daft. Stuart came to music late, having misspent his life with a proper career. (Born in Fife.)