Hoodoo Zephyr, the year 2000.

After several years of gigging and the development of a die-hard drunken fan base, Hoodoo Zephyr parted company over an insurmountabe geographical difficulty. Freak and Kim moved abroad, and it was quickly decided that commuting thousands of miles for band practice was not feasible. And so the Zephyr became no more... or did it?
2008 saw a shock reunion of the once legendary band; by freak coincidence (no pun intended) they all unexpectedly turned up at the same party. Whilst the band was still recovering from the shock, the crowd shoved them unceremoniously on to the stage... after a few minutes of lyrics and chords confusion magic flowed, the Zephyr rocked, and the crowd went nuts.

In 2009 Freak and Kim returned to the hallowed homeland, and it didn't take long for discussions about reforming to crop up. Sadly Kim's life was a little full for gigging and she elected to step back from the band. For a while, there was a bass shaped void, then a Stuart shaped answer emerged. The boys spent a short while squeezing and poking him into a Zephyr shaped bassist, and the rest, as they say, is history. So, August 2009... they returned. The same funky sounds and interesting wardrobes... but with added extras.


And Now...

Hoodoo Zephyr, now.

...after copious amounts of beer, many many gigs, countless fits of hilarity and a few occasions where Freak remembered ALL the words, they're out there still doing their thing. New material is spewing forth and the old favorites are still making the crowd jump.

They've been on the radio (several times... once they actually managed not to laugh during an interview), gained a whole new generation of followers, caught up with those old enough to remember them the first time round and scared a few old ladies along the way.

The new album is now on itunes, new videos are up and more vids are in production. In the mean time, Hoodoo Zephyr are out there... gigging somewhere near you...

See you there.